innovation law lab

“By bringing technology to the fight for immigrant justice, we enable immigrant rights advocates to increase the impact of their work, collect and analyze more data, and begin constructing permanent systems of change.”

-Innovation Law Lab


What We Do

Community Paralegals

Community Navigators play an essential role in expanding support and representation for immigrants through Equity Corps Oregon.


Pro Se legal clinics

Defend Asylum clinics triage cases, empower immigrants and create space for movement building.


tech Innovation

Immigration Court Watch uses the expansive reach of the internet to help collect and compare observations of injustices in immigration courts across the country.

Protest speaker with banner which says "OUR LIBERATION IS BOUND TO EACH OTHER"

Our Story

Equal parts lawyers, engineers, and organizers, Innovation Law Lab leverages advocacy, technology, and law to fight for immigrant and refugee justice. Their team responds to emergency situations and develops scalable legal representation programs along the border, in remote immigrant detention centers, and in communities around the country. Innovation Law Lab works closely with national and local organizations to challenge the systemic injustices that have become pervasive throughout the immigrant detention and deportation apparatus.

Innovation Law Lab focuses on programs that scale and connect. Using the broad reach of the internet as well as the connectivity of people who are already community members, Equity Corps Oregon created a universal representation program which relies on community navigators who empower immigrants to fight for their right to stay. Connections are also at the center of the Defend Asylum clinics in Georgia, which in addition to connecting immigrants to knowledge and resources, provide spaces for community organizing and mobilization. And to achieve accountability on a national scale, the new Immigration Court Watch tool allows immigrants across the country to report on abuses they see in immigration court and unify those voices for stronger advocacy across the country.

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