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Legal Empowerment and Immigration Project

Legal empowerment is a process by which individuals and communities tackle injustice by knowing, using, and shaping the laws that impact their lives. This website highlights legal empowerment strategies to advance immigrant justice in the United States.

Learn how immigration organizations across the country engage in creative, community-centered approaches to increase access to justice and build the power of asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants. 

Recent news and updates

Virtual Teach-In on Community Hotlines

Check out the recording of our teach-in on Community Hotlines with the Immigration Advocates Network and Grassroots Leadership.

Virtual Teach-In on Pro Se Legal Clinics

Check out the recording of our teach-in on Pro Se Legal Clinics with New Sanctuary Coalition, Esperanza and the Immigration Advocates Network.

Virtual Teach-In on Community-Driven Litigation

Check out the recording of our teach-in on Community-Driven Litigation with Organized Communities Against Deportations, Beyond Legal Aid, and the Immigration Advocates Network.

Legal Empowerment During COVID-19 - From Justice Power to #FreeThemAllOpens in a third party website

Organizations within the Justice Power network are responding with resilience and creativity to meet the justice needs of immigrant communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tech Innovation

Introducing our newest grassroots strategy, featuring highlights from CLINIC, Innovation Law Lab, and VIISTA.

Virtual Teach-In on Tech Innovations

Check out the recording of our teach-in on Tech Innovations with the Immigration Advocates Network, Innovation Law Lab, and VIISTA.

Legal empowerment STRATEGIES


Community-Driven Campaigns

Community-Driven Litigation

Community Paralegals



Know Your Rights Programs

Pro Se Legal Clinic

Tech Innovation

“When we think about transformation and what that looks like, we know and believe that the people who can transform the system are the people that have been through the system.”


Claudia Muñoz

Grassroots Leadership

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The Justice Power network is convened by NYU School of Law’s Bernstein Institute for Human Rights and Global Justice Clinic. The website is part of a multi-year documentation initiative to make visible the powerful impacts of legal empowerment programs to advance the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in the U.S. Interested in joining the network or want to find out more information? Contact us at: law.bernstein-institute@nyu.edu.